November 4, 2011

Download Games FreeStyle Basketball (PC)

Its gameplay is one of the simplest gameplay ever. In this game, players gather on virtual court and start challenging one another. Because this basketball based game is free so it is not as hard to play as commercial basketball games are. It is quite easy to learn and play this game. You can easily master the moves in the Freestyle Street Basketball once you get involved with it.

Even though it is easy to play the game yet it has lot to offer thus maintaining the extremity in the game. Player is given additional moves based on the position he is at. In FreeStyle Street Basketball, player can choose to play at either of the three: guard, forward and center. Player gets upgraded to Point Guard, shooting Guard, Small Forward and Power Forward once it gets on to level 15. Before the game can be played, players are required to crate their accounts with any of the three initial positions. Then player can compete in 1 on 1, 2 on 2, or 3 on 3 online games.

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