September 26, 2011

Download Game Atlantis Evolution (PC)

Playing for Curtis, you will be introduced to the inhabitants of an unknown country, will appear before their gods, learn life and beliefs of the Atlanteans and their ancient, but for many centuries ahead of the technology progress.

An exciting adventure takes you to the unique corners of the mysterious world. You will travel on the high seas aboard the last century, flying in a fantastic car, built by prominent scholars of New Atlantis, to look into the archaic village of Atlantis, bushwhack forest where no one dare to enter the locals, explore the intricate system of caves, find themselves in the palace Gods - and even go back in time to 8000 years ago to visit the ancient Atlantis forsaken.

And perhaps because of their incredible journey Curtis opens the traits of his nature, which had long slumbered among the dreary routine, and returns home a changed man.


1. An epic quest in the first person with an exciting, continually developing story, which takes place against the background of the evolution of the personality of the character;
2. Intuitive point & click interface;
3. Spectacular graphics and animation screensavers, characters and locations made in the style of cartoons from the Disney / Pixar;
4. More than 30 unique individuals with whom you will encounter, including the Atlanteans and their mighty gods;
5. As many as five game worlds, divided into 20 unique regions;
6. Many of the original ingenious puzzles;
7. Music and ambient from critically acclaimed composer, working on sound design Atlantis 1 & 2, Beyond Atlantis I ⅈ
8. Over 30 hours of fascinating geymlpeya.

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