December 25, 2011

Download Games WWE Smackdown VS Raw Full (PC)

Vince McMohan is a person who had the idea to create impressions smackdown. Minds that there is only imagined to get a lot of money and popularity. Until he proclaimed pretend wrestling event on 29 April 1999. proven, money and popularity eventually won him completely. She has also incite boxer Muhammad Ali with Japanese wrestler Antonio Inoki.

Smackdown show was inspired from World Championship Wrestling (WCW) Thunder appearing on the TBS cable TV in 1988. new on 29 April 1999 World Wrestling Federation (WWF) to make smackdown. To complement the success smackdown, in February 2000, Toy Headquarters made nine smackdown game series.

Smackdown so famous in Indonesia. Not infrequently the fans (especially kids) to pretend to follow the style of smackdown stars like John Cena, Rey Mysterio, Stone Cold, and Kent. Smackdown scenes are so well known in various electronic media in Indonesia. Not only on television stations only. But it also has many games smackdown on the market. Lately television stations that broadcast the Lativi smackdown.

Smackdown is not only popular in Indonesia, but almost all over the world. In America, Europe, and Asia, smackdown so popular. Even in Italy the street soccer scene has changed with exercise mimics the movement of the wrestlers, despite regular TV parties always include the "do not try to do it at home". Therefore, criticism Lippi for lovers of football is considered as an early warning. Del Piero, Totti, or the hero of Italy in the 2006 World Cup, Marco Materazzi, is a local product who nurtured since childhood. But in fact, show smackdown has been twisted and poisoned the minds of the Italian boys.