December 25, 2011

Download Games Samurai Warrior 2 (PC)


The 17th century AD, the Japanese mainland since the protracted civil war of the 15th century. The battle took place between fellow warlords in power in some provinces. The weak central government authority and power are controlled by a clan of samurai, increased the intensity of military conflicts that arise in various areas.

Like Age of chaos that occurred in mainland China the 3rd century AD, many public figures who took up arms and led a number of forces in the name of upholding their ideals. War generals who faced each other new and old come together for the sake of ambition or tackle each other respectively. There is general Oda Nobunaga, Tokugawa leyasu, Toyotomo Hideyoshi, and several other famous generals.

Samurai Warriors 2 has 4 modes of gameplay. First, the story mode, gamers first start the mode, gamers will choose one of seven characters on the screen. The characters have different stats, weapon + armor suit that also vary, as well as martial arts moves her. The storyline of each character is also different, but the similarity is that all the characters that have levels 1 and EXP point = 0. Not much different from his brother, + action rpg pc game Dynasty Warrior, the hero could add as much EXP points and raise its level as high as possible, but they can also raise the level of each weapon. Features abilities could also be elevated levels. Everything can happen after players complete a level map. Each character is accompanied by a horse and a bodyguard or escort + EXP Level where it can also be raised. The main character in this game of the generals of war, both men and women, young and old.

After the game choose just one character along with his bodyguard and check all the equipment possessed, gamers will be faced with a map. Each map represents one chapter of the campaign. The map describes the contents of the position of enemy troops, enemy generals and his officers. The map also shows the position of his own troops, both generals and officers. Position yourself or a friend's troops can not be changed to change again. The total number of campaigns for every single general in this game looks less than Dynasty Warriors 4.

Re-checking of all fixtures and equipment owned before plunging directly into the battlefield, must be conducted on every screen maps that exist. After checking over, gamers can simply enter the battlefield, all in the form of third-party perspective. Please remember, was originally from the Samurai Warriors game console, so all control characters are fully put keyboard or gamepad. Control character is quite easy, as easy to control in the Dynasty Warriors 4.

Mode battles take place in real time. This type of attack to which every major character, there are only 4 things. First, the normal mode of attack, charge attack, special attack, and the latter mode is musou attack, an attack that serves to open the way out if gamers again attacked by a swarm of enemies. This attack depends on how much musou meter is filled, the more, the tempo of attacks much longer. Musou meter is full or not depends on how many gamers to kill opponents. Although any general stance can only have 4 main course, there are a variety of combos that can be done by gamers.

Battle maps are generally very broad, fro gamers must ride a horse to a high level of mobility. Horses can be available from the start, or retrieve it from a friend or foe unused. When you ride horses, do not be too long in the middle of the pack parajurit enemy infantry, especially armed with a rifle or shotgun fire arrows, because gamers will easily dropped to the ground.

About enemy soldiers, whether friend or foe, more manifold infantry, cavalry and artillery rather than, if as for, only a handful. Victory on the battlefield is determined by how fast the players are able to defeat the enemy boss. And lest, head of our troops can be defeated by the enemy, because it will game over. Essentially, gamers need to pay attention to the movement of the battle by his own friends, which is controlled by the AI ​​automatically.

Samurai Warriors 2 is a colossal war game, so each unit involved will look very much. Each officer enemies or friends, it will bring together so many dozens of soldiers. If your friends are officers who are feeling overwhelmed by the enemy attacks, players are obliged to help him, because if they lose, it is often the enemy can easily attack directly the main leadership positions of our troops. The soldiers who were fighting gamers, in this case as men, to be automatically going to attack or defend from the enemy resistance, it all depends on how big the success of players to defeat enemies. If greater, then the morale of our troops and the entire faction can be increased, which will add to the spirit of battle.

Measure of success gamers, one of which is determined by the number of number of enemy soldiers who were slaughtered, how many high or petty officer who defeated gamers. The number of enemy soldiers that seem to continue to flow indefinitely, if gamers have not beat the captain of the guard gate.

Tactical problems, should be considered also in the middle of the battlefield. If we pressured fellow officers, gamers can also decide not to help him, but went straight to the boss enemy positions. The faster players can beat him, then the victory will belong to gamers. The plot had been determined, but during the fight in the battlefield, players are free to choose its own path which would be achieved by his victory. Its gameplay can be called a semi-open ended, the plot also includes linear.

During the battle, gamers can do a quick save, if the meter's health or musou thinning gamers, is available wide range of items scattered on the ground. Whether it's power up items, rare items to be installed in the body of the gamer, or just add health or musou meter. Special horses, can also be found in a particular area of ​​a map, and there are also special events. Gamers can not replace generals in the middle of a game to try out new characters.

Model wars, if played continuously, and in the longer term, it would seem repetitive or monotonous. Because, some models of general maps on one character is used also by other characters. Known, the name alone chaotic times, some generals would be fighting each other in the same area, only with characters that gamers who play?

The second mode is the Free Mode, gamers are free to play any map, which is already open when completing some major missions in Story Mode. Of course its missions will be associated with the missions in Story Mode. Next, the third mode is the Castle Mode, as can be seen from its title, this gameplay mode requires gamers to choose one of the generals in Story Mode to put in a Japanese castle. Where gamers can choose a variety of objectives that exist, either free or pay with cash, prizes every objective that there is plenty of money and additional bonus EXP points. Restriction map in the castle is practically without limit, each running a single objective mission consists of five map map of the castle where his form is always different.

Fourth gameplay mode is Sugoroku. Its gameplay is really unique compared to other modes. Sugoroku arguably a modified form of a Monopoly board game, so a turn base system. Form which maps only 2 Japanese Islands in the form of wide or narrow. Gamers will play it by choosing one character will be pitted by the generals and three other enemy generals, where they will be controlled by computer AI. How to play dice with the first new move, then wait for the next turn. The main goal in this mode is that the winner is determined by how much wealth he earned for playing Sugoroku it.

One more new thing in this action game is, a system of buying and selling goods. Unlike the game2 rpg pc where the sale of goods occurred within one level of the map. Gamers can earn money after every battle, then to the menu screen in the form of a store. This particular store peddle copies of the upgrade weapons, abilities, and new horses. Super weapon bonuses, the new generals, unique abilities and so on., Everything will be obtained every gamer finished fighting on the battlefield. Multiplayernya mode is also not much different from the console version which can be played with 2 people only, with a separate screen in one monitor, but can still be played with a keyboard alone.

When the CG movie appears, will look at the graphic subtleties of this Japanese-style characters. Once inside this gem, it would appear less smooth graphics, low texture, as though it was optimized remedy the PC system, it is still a simple graphic style of the PS2 hard to lose. This game is rated for teens under 17tahun {teen}. Therefore the system of violence that is not its gameplay, every gamer slashing an enemy, then reduced the enemy's health meter, which usually are in over their heads. Every single soldier has its own meter. There was no blood stains on the ground let alone a body. Absolutely nothing.

Unfortunate, but setting this game is a battle in the chaos, which supports the existence of excessive violence. Perhaps this was done so that the market share for PC games more widely. Water clarity is also less wear, casual. The effect is pretty good dynamic shadows, unable to deliver real atmosphere on the battlefield. Graphic effects only add to the beauty alone. Motion animated character models and other objects look a bit more flexible than Dynasty Warriors 4. Understandably not changed much quality.

As a result of this gem is quite friendly towards the low end PC systems. The author can play this game with maximum graphics settings. A pretty annoying bug is so FSAA = ON, texture anomalies appear severe, but it's the gameplay so it slows down like frames / sec it was in the 20's, when the original is always running on 40 fps. Despite many shortcomings, but the graphics engine is powerful enough to render thousands of people fighting each other with no frame rate drop drastically. A costly sacrifice of the removal of image quality graphic style gaming pc in 2008.

Level of intelligence units, including decent opponent and his response. That is their reaction to his enemies who approached him, soon enough. The AI ​​was actually behave like a soldier on the battlefield. If there is an enemy soldier or officer who was riding a horse, as soon as they tried to drop it in a way to attack while jumping.

The sound is pretty good, noisy low hundreds of soldiers from both sides who fought, and the roar of the soldiers who are being attacked or in pain because of being attacked. Sound effects while issue certain moves, sounds pretty clear and good, but when you're riding a horse, sound effects sound casual. Usual background music is also yes, because the genre of rock music today.

In general, the Shogun Warriors 2 game style is really similar to the game series Dynasty Warrriors. The process of raising its level, including a little longer. Mode castle arguably somewhat disturbing because the setting is in the castle map of Japan from the beginning to the end of the mission. The point slaughtered many enemies as good as playing in Dynasty Warriors 4. A lot of bonuses that can only be opened after gamers often completing missions that exist in every mode of gameplay, especially in the Story Mode and Free Mode.