November 2, 2011

Download Games White Kninght Chronicles (PC)

White Knight Chronicles is Level-5’s latest online compatible RPG. The improvements from the previous game are drastic so if you had fun with the previous one, you’ll have a rocking good time with this. Weapon abilities became more clear which dramatically improved the strategic aspect of the game. And this time, you can take NPC’s with you to help you in quests and not only that, you can transform into that ravishing white knight anytime with avatars. White Knight Chronicles has a lot of great new features which were lacking in the previous game.

Chat system was improved to lessen the drag. The battle system was improved giving it more excitement during battles and quests. The dimension of the game play was transformed giving players a lot more strategy to come up with giving players a whole new experience while playing the game. Quests are now easier to follow which was an improvement of the bad reviews of the first game because players tend to get stuck at quests which made the game quite dragging. The environment of the game is very creative and smooth that it’ll feed every players fantasy. The monsters and other characters designed are very realistic that it makes you want to pound those enemies more.

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