November 27, 2011

Download Games Mount And Blade With Fire And Sword (PC)

Temporary farewell to the fictional land of Calradia two previous versions, With Fire and Sword takes players back to Eastern Europe in the 17th century, an era where guns are replacing swords. The story this time is based on the novel of the same name by writer Henryk Sienkiewicz Poland, focusing on events and real character of the Union of Poland - Lithuania in the Khmelnytsky uprising.

Start your just an anonymous street, gradually find fame, wealth, build their own army, on a local hero. You can choose the year moved to a real faction are: Poland, Sweden, Muscovite Tsardom, Crimean Khanate and the Cossack Hetmanate, perform their assigned tasks to increase the fame and money.

Financial problems were given more attention, if the first two you have a hard task, looting villages and traders to make the food, now you can set the trade trip travel (caravan) profitable or money in the bank to collect interest. With each successful trade trip you easily earn tens of thousands of Thaler (With Fire and Sword in the money), just know the right products and profitable markets trading higher.

Additional largest With Fire and Sword was the emergence of advanced weapons besides swords, axes, spears, along with it ... You will try completely new feeling with pistols, muskets and grenades. Shooting too familiar with the game but do it on horseback, then it is not easy, players will take a short time to exercise mature operations of this new fight.

Compared with the previous two, battle in With Fire and Sword major change. Before you can sit on horseback phase come into the enemy ranks, relaxed "island swordsmanship" killed the enemies, then you have to be careful now. Enemy fire is also equipped as you, if every player in a "sweep" so do not stop surprising yourself rolling your character stand out death by just one shot on target as possible " you leave off "(especially at close range, the stronger the damage). This additional definition requires the player to tend strategies in the battle and siege. Uy powerful but cons of the gun is loaded at that time very long and each shot is played. While reloading you can not do anything except ride a horse, so the risk of losing their lives in attacks is very high, if to fight or switch to other actions you would have to reload again.

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