November 5, 2011

Download Games Miner Wars 2081 (PC)

pc game free download The demo provided below is available for PC only however it has also been released on Xbox 360 which you can find on Xbox Live Marketplace. There is already a full version download available but those of you who haven't yet got the one can now get Miner Wars 2081 demo download from the link provided below. Though it's a demo version only but it pretty much fills the need for the full version game. It runs much like the full version only. Players would be able to enjoy all the features of the full game except the one limitation which forbids them from moving to another sector in space.

So you go and play Miner Wars demo game and if you still feel the need of doing more then go and buy the Miner Wars full version. In order to buy the full game, you can visit And in order to download Miner Wars free demo version just click on the link mentioned below. However kindly note down that this is a pre-alpha demo of the game only, so you might encounter few bugs in this one. Anyway you can download Miner Wars 2081

Size This game 783 MB

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