November 9, 2011

Download Games Insectoid 32 MB Full (PC)

Insectoid is for anyone who grew up playing classic arcade shooters like Galaga in the 80's. With fast-paced, adrenaline inducing game, more than 50 unique levels, four boats as surprising high-resolution graphics that look great even on a 30 "display and a professional musical score, is the dream insectoid retro shooter a fan come true.
Collect power-ups and use special weapons, including the ship split laser beam, fireballs, and a shield, as you fight a swarm of angry insects. Advance behind enemy lines and try to catch the enemy off guard as the forces of human assistant in the galactic war.

Game Features:
  1. Play over 50 challenging levels
  2. Use one of the four ships only
  3. Battle of tons of unique enemies
  4. Choose Easy, Normal, Hard, or 
  5. Enjoy professional-quality musical score