November 4, 2011

Download Games GTR Evolution (PC)

GTR Evolution is the official expansion pack to the WTCC Game. What you want to see in this game is the vehicles. You can find all sorts of cars in this game from sports racing cars to concept cars. All the cars of Race 07 can be found here. List of cars included in GTR Evolution is big and I will name only some of them: BMW M3 GTR, Aston Martin DBR9, and Corvette C6 GT2 etc. There are also several production cars in the game.
Race 07 tracks are updated through GTR Evolution and the new game includes all the tracks from Race 06 and 07. There are also few new tracks introduced in the game.

If you download GTR Evolution as an expansion to Race 07 then you will be updating Race 07 with all new incorporations. And if you download GTR Evolution as a standalone application then you will get all Race 07 incorporated in it. It is up to you which version you want to download. If you have Race 07 pre-installed then you need to download expansion pack else download it as a stand alone application. GTR Evolution will also be available for download on DVD and I request you to purchase or download only genuine and legal version of the game only. You can try its free demo before you buy it. If you like the game then you will surely buy it.
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