November 16, 2011

Download Games Dirt Dilogy (PC)

Fundamentally new continuation of the most famous rally series. Waiting for you naisovremenneyshy graphics engine, completely revised physical model, a set of cars and tracks that are based on real roads and locations around the world. A stunning drive, guaranteed by Colin Mac Ray and realism surpasses anything you've ever seen.
Colin McRae DiRT 2
The second part of the famous hit, Colin McRae: DiRT from the creators of Race Driver: GRID is ready to break into the ranks of the best races of the planet! Best traditions autosimulators multiplied splendor of modern technology.
You will find an incredible and exciting tour of the Americas, Europe and Asia. Presented at the choice of route slay on the spot even the most advanced fans of the genre. From classic to unique ring races races with jumping on trampolines, ramps and even pyrotechnics.
Advanced single player mode will allow you to drive sports cars "clever" and challenge the best riders of today. Try to get up on top of career, travel all over the world! Money on new cars of various classes, including classic racing cars and even the famous Subaru Impreza WRX, which itself Colin McRae won the championship. Try to forces in the major races and special events, beat records and become the leader of the overall standings. Your mentors and advisers, as well as competitors in the fight for "gold" are the real stars of the rally - Ken Block, Travis Pastrana, Tanner Fust and Dave Mirra. In addition, at any time you can come to grips with living opponents in multiplayer games!

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