November 12, 2011

Download Games Battle Slots (PC)

Role of the players is to safeguard their land to evil. Males have affected the Tellas was once a land of peace. You have to jump into this land and free it from the hands of evil. Although the game seems to be a magic slot machine but there is in fact gambling. Players can spin the slots for magic points, attack points, gold and so on. More than 100 unique locations and over 200 missions to explore the full version.
Battle Slots demo, available for free, you can enjoy some of these places and missions only.
Some of the interesting features of the game are listed below:

Earn money and experience in every battle - more levels of expertise and strengthen their character, while money allows the purchase of new slot symbols, new powers, new spells and new attacks
Capture beasts and hunting animals in the field and beat them in battle - captured animal is given a special power that can be used in future fights!
Meet and interact with a colorful cast along your journey to investigate this new evil - some characters will become your allies, you can use to help you in your battles more difficult
Every spin of the slot machine is given as points of attack, mana, experience and gold bonus extra - configure your slot precisely how you want to go into each battle with a combination that will let the victory!

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