November 12, 2011

Download Games APB All Point Bulletin (PC)

APB was a "cops and robbers" MMO with an avant-garde, conceptual art and combat mechanics beautiful it felt like getting a punch from Mike Tyson. If the horrible combat, weapon upgrades and dominated the fascist regime (also known as APB forums) will not go away, is the closure of the servants of three months after the game was released that. So, three months (12 days weeks/90) APB is remembered as the payment-Play MMO that was the fastest in the history of death: From June 6 to September 16, 2011.

Now you're thinking, "Big deal, MMO to close all the time." Well, that's true, but if you have more than $ 50 million to make this game and closed at 3 months, would you be so calm when you have to explain to your boss why?

Well to be fair, the game was not all bad, but there are a few important issues that had to be fixed, but it was not the ridiculously up SMG. Once I had one of these bad boys, you might as well be playing in easy mode.
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