October 20, 2011

Download Games Napoleon: Total Wars (PC)

Napoleon: Add up Fighting combines all the best skin tone of the well-known War of the historic strategies of unmitigated worship of the series. You can assume piece in major campaigns of Napoleon Bonaparte, who had noticeable the milestones of his reign - from successful ascension to the throne more willingly than the infamous fall over. You can finish what role to fulfill: to verbalize of the legendary French commander before acquire one of the armies to him. All the rage three seasons, leading Napoleonic wars, starting the operations of the victory in Italy and Egypt, by means of which the Corsican universal finished a dramatic career and became emperor,
the ignominy of the Russian battle of 1812 and the defeat in the Battle of Waterloo - Napoleon concluding corpulent ascend battle evident the end of an era in European history.

The battles in the world. Three strategic cards - three episodes in the life of Napoleon Bonaparte, folding into a distinct falsehood of the great services principal. The action of the earliest promotion is underway in northern Italy and Austria, the second - in North Africa and the Middle East, the third - in Europe.
Reliable line of attack and tactics. More than 300 poles apart units presented to management, not only be at odds in appearance, on the contrary as well the ability.
Realistic sea battles. The pristine organism of damage and repair of ships can be patched holes in the boat precisely hooked on battle.

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