October 31, 2011

Download Games Global Ops Commando Libya (PC)

Global Ops: Commando Libya has an eyebrow-raising title, but we're assured that the game isn't about suppressing any uprisings. Instead, the game's story involves a terrorist threat posed by a fictitious faction that has taken up in the North African nation, and your role is as an American special forces soldier who has come to hunt down the terrorists, chew gum, and discover that he's all out of gum. The Unreal-engine powered game will have a full single-player campaign with nine missions that take place in Greenland, Europe, and eventually Libya.
Also, you can adhere to cover and blind-fire your weapon from over or around cover--important tactics you've probably seen in modern third-person shooters. But don't let the real-world locations or realistic tactics fool you. This is going to be an over-the-top action game that doesn't take itself too seriously, though it will have a multiplayer mode reminiscent of the classic multiplayer shooter Counter-Strike, in which a team of terrorists square off against a team of counterterrorists. free download full version, Free pc games download full version

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