August 15, 2011

Download Game Harvest Moon English Version - Full Version

what's your hobby gardening? if it is true you should try this game. This game tells
about a little boy on vacation in his grandfather's house. after his grandfather died child was given the responsibility of taking care of abandoned gardens. the boy who would you use for adventure. work to meet the needs of your life. if you've become there are some rich country girl with whom you can marry. so many mysteries in this game so look at each odd things are happening. not only are you going gardening do. You can also keep livestock such as chicken, fish, sheep, cows, and horses. for the horse you will be given by the grandfather who lived in runch yodel. after you have been given horses do not forget to buy a toothbrush. because the horse was like when his body in the brush and ask to speak every day.
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