November 16, 2011

Download Games Oddworld: Strangger Wrath (PC)

Publisher: Just Add Water  In this game you're playing for the "stranger", a real bounty hunter who is looking for the bandits for cash rewards. Here, a special "live" weapons system, where the bullets used various small animals.

These "bullets" have the opportunity to upgrade that allows you to put the enemy more damage (eg, mad fazzly bite stronger, and looking bummyshi have an additional charge of explosives and similar to the behavior of homing missiles). All in the game, you can use 9 kinds of ammo (8 + types of crossbow sniper wasps, rechargeable through binoculars). Look forward to an exciting and beautiful locations shooting fairy world. You choose your own "custom" (a gangster, which must be taken alive or dead for the living make more dough), and can speak with the local population to gather information needed to pass the mission.

• Use equipment ... living in a literal sense: collect eight types of "live" ammo, for example, Chippankov, Fazzlov, Tadslagov or Bummyshey! Improve your "live" ammunition to increase the capacity and effectiveness of its arsenal.
• Use a variety of combat tactics: instantly switch between a first and third person by pressing one key.
• Play with a first-person, to destroy enemies: aim of kondovogo dvuhstvolny crossbow to be impressed by the exciting shooting at enemies. Configure it with the blood-forming amount of possible combinations of projectiles.
• Play with a third person to receive awards: Tame "registered person" in close combat with the headers. The completed order to cash. Orders you choose for yourself that allows you to find out more before you go after them in full gear.
• Go through the villages, lush forests and vast industrial complexes in the universe Oddworld is where to go to do secret things.
• Communicate with local: Use technology GameSpeak, to gather important information for your job.

System requirements:
• Operating system: Windows XP / Vista / 7
• Processor: 2.33 GHz
• RAM: 512 MB
• Video: 256 MB
• Hard disk: 2 GB

Features RePacka:
• cut negeympleynoe video
• Do not recoded
• version of the game: 1.02
• Estimated installation time: 3 minutes
• author RePacka: MOP030B

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